2021 Aprilia eSR1 Electric Scooter First Look Preview

A new way to get around the pits from Aprilia

The Aprilia eSR1 comes with a robust and lightweight magnesium alloy frame.Aprilia

Aprilia, known for its elegant and fast lineup of sportbikes and standards, has announced a somewhat unexpected addition to its European stable. The eSR1 is an electric, stand-up scooter (much like those you’ve seen scattered throughout big cities in recent years), and is the result of a licensing agreement with MT Distribution. It’s currently available in limited quantities at selected dealers and will be available more broadly (in international markets) starting January 2021. It will be priced at 659 euros (a little more than $800 at the time of writing).

Ready for congested urban environments.Aprilia

The move to include additional lightweight, electric mobility products beyond motorcycles isn’t new. Ducati is a prime example with its recent spate of battery-powered bicycles, and Harley-Davidson plans to launch its own ebicycle next year as well.

The result of a licensing agreement with MT Distribution.Aprilia

The eSR1 obviously strays from the examples above. Its aim is to appeal to urban commuters as an eco-friendly means of getting from the parking garage to the office, or as a convenient way to navigate congested city streets during lunch hour. Its applications obviously stretch beyond that. It’s easy to imagine a stock of eSR1s flitting around the WSBK pits next year, for example.

An eco-friendly mobility solution.Aprilia

The scooter runs by way of a 350W brushless motor and has a removable 280Wh battery that can easily be charged inside a home or office. The battery provides a little more than 18 miles of range on a single charge. The eSR1 rolls on 10-inch wheels wrapped in tubeless tires. It makes use of a lightweight magnesium alloy frame and front and rear LED lights. It will also come equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD display integrated into the handlebar.

There’s no indication whether the eSR1 will be available in the states any time soon.

A 3.5-inch LCD display provides all the pertinent information.Aprilia
The eSR1 will price at just over $800 in international markets.Aprilia
Aprilia, expanding its brand appeal to riders who may have never been on a motorcycle.Aprilia