2020 GMC Sierra Harley-Davidson Truck Preview

Harley-Davidson and Tuscany Motor Co. built a limited-edition GMC Sierra pickup truck.

Harley-Davidson unveiled its latest in a long line of limited-edition H-D branded pickup trucks. For the first time ever, the truck is a GMC Sierra. Harley is still collaborating with longtime partner Tuscany Motor Co. to build these special sweet trucks, so if you want one, simply put your name down for one of the 250 units being built and be prepared to shell out $94,995 for the right of owning this bad boy.

The 2020 Harley-Davidson Limited-Edition GMC Sierra is built by longtime H-D collaborators from the Tuscany Motor Co. with an MSRP of $94,995. It will be available in either Summit White or Onyx Black versions.Harley-Davidson

“Harley-Davidson and GMC are two of the most recognizable and admired American brands in the world,” said Jon Bekefy, general manager of brand marketing at Harley-Davidson Inc. “We’re proud of the new Harley-Davidson edition GMC Sierra. It truly reflects Harley-Davidson’s passion for giving committed riders new ways to share their affinity for the brand and for riding.”

The Harley-Davidson GMC features beautiful hand-stitched leather seats and matching interior designed by Tuscany Motor Co. with plenty of strategically placed H-D badging.Harley-Davidson

Love it or hate it, the H-D Sierra is a good-looking truck and the folks from Tuscany know a thing or two about building awesome 4x4s, so you are guaranteed to get a truck that’s built to stand the test of time. What better way to show your support for H-D and GMC than to navigate your work day with a healthy dose of ostentatious American style.

The instrument panel gets a touch of Harley-Davidson with orange backlighting and H-D badges in the corners of the display.Harley-Davidson

“Fans have long hungered for a limited-edition GMC truck that celebrates their passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles,” said Jeff Burttschell, vice president of Tuscany Motor Co. “Working closely with Brad Richards, Vice President of Styling and Design at Harley-Davidson, we created a fantastic truck worthy of the Harley-Davidson name. For the first time in history, it will be possible to rumble down the road in a V-8-powered Harley-Davidson edition GMC truck.”

The Harley-Davidson badge logo is incorporated into the headrest of the seats.Harley-Davidson

The 2020 Harley-Davidson GMC will be available to the public at select authorized GMC dealers beginning February 2020. Both GMC dealers and the retail public can also reserve their vehicle by visiting HarleyTruck.com/GMC or simply call the Harley Truck Hotline at (817) 769-4720.

The 2020 Harley-Davidson Limited-Edition GMC Sierra features a BDS suspension lift with Fox shocks and 35-inch all-terrain tires which combine to create its classy appearance.Harley-Davidson
Check out the trick, Harley-Davidson-branded 22-inch milled aluminum wheels styled after the wheels found on the popular Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.Harley-Davidson
The back side of the Harley-Davidson GMC includes a custom designed rear bumper with dual H-D exhaust tips and a tailgate with a sharp-looking Harley appliqué.Harley-Davidson
The custom design Harley-Davidson grille features the Bar & Shield logos symmetrically cut out of the grille insert.Harley-Davidson
All four corners of the 2020 Harley-Davidson Limited-Edition GMC Sierra includes custom fender flares, while functional fender vents and a complete front bumper redesign cap off the look of the H-D Jimmy.Harley-Davidson
A color-matched tonneau cover with debossed Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield logo, a carpeted bed mat with Harley-Davidson logo, and, of course, Harley-Davidson floor mats combine to offer more Harley logos than you can shake a stick at.Harley-Davidson
Underneath the H-D GMC is a BDS skid plate, LED light bar, and a pair of orange tow hooks, just in case you push it a little too hard.Harley-Davidson