Flashlights For Your Garage, Emergency Kit, Or Home

Make light of a situation with some of these flashlights.

Make light of a situation with some of these flashlights.DC Irwin/Unsplash

Nowadays, cellphones conveniently have flashlight capability, but it drains the life out of its battery. How are you going to be able to make an emergency phone call or text if your phone’s battery is dead? It is wise to keep a good ol’ flashlight close by to light the way in this situation, but they are also useful around the house in the event of a power outage, at the campsite, or in the garage when you light up the space around your car’s belt drive. Flashlights from Vont, Anker, GearLight, and MagLite can brighten your world.

US Special Forces Approved

With a pair you can place each one in different optimal locations.Amazon

Claimed to have the same light settings that is used by the US Special Forces, this Vont tactical flashlight is operable in a variety of scenarios. It has undergone freezing, submersion, and pressure tests as testament to its durability and since there are two per package you will have two sources to help with nighttime visibility. Added equipment include two holsters and two rechargeable battery covers. While you can opt for using three AAA batteries, the rechargeable battery covers open up power options.

Zoom-In Ray

Focusing the beam or opening it up to light a larger space makes this product a perfect option for the campsite.GearLight

A tight beam or a flood of light, the GearLight S1200 LED flashlight has the capability to narrow the beam or spray in a wider spectrum depending on your needs. The GearLight, too, has five modes (high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS). Water-resistant and durable with an aluminum body makes this flashlight appropriate for the rainy roadside emergency (because it always happens to rain when your tire decides to blow, right?).

Household Item

Drop resistant and water resistant, this is another durable item for your everyday use.MagLite

With an illuminating distance of 412 meters (~1,351 feet) this Maglite LED flashlight is a good one to have in your house, garage, or car’s glove box. Eighty hours of run time on high power make it a long-lasting light to keep around. Replaceable D cell batteries are the power source. This modern torch is available in blue, gray, red, silver, and camo.

Charge It Up

SOS or strobe modes are available in addition to high, medium, or low to suit your illumination needs.Anker

The 900 lumens pack a bright punch at the campsite with the Anker Bolder rechargeable LC90 flashlight. Zoomable capabilities allow you to focus in or spread light out. IP-65 rating ensures it is dust tight and water resistant for different conditions. After the six hours of battery life (in medium mode) has been used, recharging the tool is done by plugging in the micro USB cable into the port and power source.