2018 Yamaha TW200

Fancy some fat-tire fun?

2018 Yamaha TW200.Yamaha

With fat tires and a pudgy profile, the TW200 looks like a two-wheel version of an ATV or a dune buggy. And that about describes its character too: a bouncy, roly-poly bundle of fun. The fat 130/80-18 front and 180/80-14 rear tires are the key, inviting such playful antics as curb jumping, sand slinging, and mucking about in the mud. Discovering the TW200 is powered by a lively WR250R engine would be epic, but in reality, it’s a low-tech creature that’s powered by a 196cc, air-cooled, two-valve four-stroke single fed by a 28mm carburetor and driving through a five-speed manual gearbox.

The TW200 is not fast (we observed a top speed of about 75 mph), so it won’t overwhelm learners, but it offers just enough suspension and firm enough seating—plus that unique wheel/tire setup—to interest even motorcycling’s elite. Name a rider who can resist something that looks so fun. You can’t! Braking is just average, resulting from a basic front disc/rear drum arrangement, but with a claimed curb weight of 278 pounds and a seat height of just 31.1 inches, the TW200 welcomes all aboard.

Likes: Terrific design, go-anywhere congeniality, great conversation starter

Dislikes: Firm saddle, cramped ergos for tall riders, mild performance

Verdict: Fun is its middle name

2019 Yamaha TW200 Specs and Pricing

MSRP $4,599