2018 Honda Ruckus

Really basic transportation.

2017 Honda RuckusHonda

With its exposed steel frame and utilitarian looks, the Ruckus might be the spiritual descendent of the old Taco minibikes of the 1960s. In reality though, the Ruckus scooter is every inch a Honda, rather than some lawnmower-engine rattletrap. Nestled under the exposed frame is a compact 49cc four-stroke engine appointed with a handy automatic choke, liquid-cooling, and an automatic V-belt drive system. Just turn the ignition key, hit the start button, twist the throttle, and away you go.

Naturally, the Ruckus is not freeway legal due to its diminutive motor, but it excels at low-speed suburban or city duty, returning a claimed 114 mpg in the process—more than twice that of a Prius Eco. For utility, there’s a small front rack and a generous open storage area under and behind the seat. Together with the low MSRP and high fuel economy, this makes the Ruckus a natural for students and commuters who have an easy route work. Plus, it’s fun!

Likes: Unpretentious looks, simple operation, high fuel economy

Dislikes: How slow can you go?

Verdict: Just what you need to get around and nothing more

2017 Honda Ruckus Specs and Pricing

MSRP $2,699