2018 Honda CRF110F

Ever ready, for everybody.

2018 Honda CRF110FHonda

The sheer number of riders who got their start on the forebears of this pint-sized CRF110F is practically incalculable. Starting life as the Mini Trail 50 in 1968, the unique horizontal-cylinder mini morphed into the CRF70F, and then ultimately to the current CRF110F. Larger than its predecessors, the CRF110F serves nascent riders best, although taller rider can still ride (in a cramped fashion) this claimed 163-pound trailbike. Everything about it is modest, from the wheel travel (3.9 inches front, 3.4 inches rear) to its four-speed manual gearbox and automatic clutch, and minimalist 1.1-gallon fuel supply.

Fundamentally, the CRF110F is ideal for that time-honored tradition of play riding, whether that is in the dirt lot across the street or exploring a desert or forest somewhere. Because the CRF110F is a Honda, the build quality will most assuredly get you home from wherever you end up. As a last nod to the CRF110F’s worth, such machines never seem to totally wear out; they get passed down and along, living on for decades as ever-ready budget fun machines.

Likes: Easy to buy and own, lasts nearly forever

Dislikes: Where's the street-legal version?

Verdict: Not a serious bike but tons of fun

2018 Honda CRF110F Specs and Pricing

MSRP $2,249