2018 Harley-Davidson Touring Ultra Limited Low

Grand touring for everyone.

2018 Harley-Davidson Touring Ultra Limited LowCRS

If you were to follow the Yellow Brick Road of models powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 107ci Big Twin, after starting at the Street Bob, you’d wind up not in some Emerald City microbrewery, but here, at the Twin-Cooled Ultra Limited. This H-D magnum opus features nearly every imaginable accoutrement, including electronic cruise control, heated grips, premium audio, and navigation with voice activation. Excepting the CVO Limited, it’s the consummate Harley tourer.

But the real story with the Ultra Limited is actually the separate “Low” edition that’s built, as its name implies, especially for smaller riders. Changes start with the lowest seat height of any Harley touring bike, 26.5 inches (a significant 2.6-inch lower than the Ultra Limited); the reduction is due to shortened suspension and thinner seat cushioning. Naturally, the lowered suspenders reduce ground clearance 0.7 inch to 4.6 inches on the Low. This compromises maximum cornering capability somewhat, but most touring riders will likely never notice. Other Ultra Limited Low changes include a closer handlebar position, smaller-diameter grips, and a special “extended reach” sidestand.

Likes: Good for Harley for making a specially sized, premium touring bike.

Dislikes: The Ultra Limited Low's maximum lean angle, 29 degrees on the right, is less than half that of a MotoGP racebike.

Verdict: Veteran tourers know that on the right bike, you're actually more comfortable than anyone traveling by car. This is that bike.

2018 Harley-Davidson Touring Ultra Limited Low Specs and Pricing

MSRP $26,899
WET WEIGHT 908 lb.