2018 BMW K 1600 B

Not your normal six-pack bagger.

2018 BMW K 1600 BBMW

It’s quite true that “bagger” rhymes with “knuckle-dragger.” But they’re not always synonymous, as proven by BMW’s exotic DOHC 24-valve K1600B. Rated at 160 hp, the 1,649cc inline-six dishes out as much peak power as some superbikes, and half again as much torque too. The machine is also loaded with electronic trickery, from a ride-by-wire throttle system to selectable ride modes (Rain, Road, and Dynamic), traction control, automatic suspension calibration, cruise control, and even a hill-start assist feature.

Stretching more than 8 feet long and weighing 741 pounds with its 7-gallon gas tank brimming with premium, the K1600B is a low-slung road burner dressed in black. (Sounds like a Johnny Cash song, we know…) De rigueur for a bagger, body-color side cases are standard, and a hard top case is available. And making life at “cruising altitude” nicer, the low-cut windshield is power adjustable, both front and rear seats are heated, and an onboard computer tabulates relevant info in real time. Among numerous options are floorboards, a reverse-assist motor, GPS prewiring, LED auxiliary lights, Bluetooth integration for smartphones, keyless operation, and central locking.

Likes: Xenon headlight with automatic leveling; "reasonable" weight for a big bike

Dislikes: Standard low windshield sacrifices some wind protection for style

Verdict: The antidote for the common bagger

2018 BMW K 1600 B Specs and Pricing

MSRP $19,995
WET WEIGHT 741 lb.