2018 BMW C evolution

An eclectic metric electric.

2017 BMW C evolutionBMW

Years ago, BMW announced a pair of “urban mobility” scooters, the C600 Sport and C650 GT. Now a third scooter, the C evolution, functions as seamlessly as its internal-combustion alternatives. It is, however, large. The two-passenger C evolution weighs a claimed 606 pounds, a porky 117 more than BMW’s traditional 1,170cc R nineT boxer. Power comes from a 48-hp liquid-cooled electric motor nursing a 133-volt lithium-ion battery, plus regenerative braking. An onboard 110-volt charger tops up the C evolution battery overnight, but 220-volt charging cuts this time by half.

Riding the C evolution is a twist-and-go operation. By this, we mean there’s no manual clutch or gear lever to operate. Instead, switch on the electronics, flip up the sidestand to release the parking brake, and turn the twistgrip to sail quietly away. Four selectable power modes allow balancing performance and range. The C evolution is plenty fast enough to compete with freeway traffic, and our observed range was a bit more than 70 miles. Traction control, triple disc brakes with ABS, underseat and glovebox storage, and even a reverse gear to help learners maneuver are included.

Likes: Whisper-quiet and smooth, brisk performance in "Dynamic" mode

Dislikes: Expensive, heavy, and range-limited

Verdict: A premium scooter that may never pencil out financially

2017 BMW C evolution Specs and Pricing

MSRP $13,995
WET WEIGHT 606 lb.