2017 Yamaha FZ-07

2017 Yamaha FZ-07
2017 Yamaha FZ-07CRS

The Yamaha FZ-07 came as the second bike in a one-two punch by Yamaha following the recession. It was released in 2015, a year after its big brother, the Yamaha FZ-09, and paired nimble handling and a good-performing engine with an incredibly low price of $6,990.

The FZ-07 is powered by a fuel-injected 689cc crossplane parallel twin. It has a 270-degree crank, which means that the two cylinders fire at an irregular interval to better balance internal inertial forces, resulting in a more responsive and torquey "feel” similar to that of a V-twin.

With a claimed peak power output of 74 HP and 50 pound-feet of torque and a wet weight of 397 pounds, the Yamaha FZ-07 moves far more quickly than one might expect from a $7,000 motorcycle.

Despite a fairly economical conventional fork and shock, the suspension actually works fairly well for average-size riders. Which means that, while the FZ-07 often finds a home with commuters or newer riders, it has also found a following among track enthusiasts looking for something small and economical to race.

The Yamaha FZ-07 had been a runner-up in our annual Ten Ben Bikes and it's a segment staff favorite, as well as being one of the bikes we recommend most to family and friends.

2017 Yamaha FZ-07 Specs and Pricing

MSRP $7,199

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Thoughts from the Staff

"The FZ-07 is a hard bike for others to stand up against. It handles well, has strong power for the 700cc twin, looks great and is incredibly affordable. This is a perfect bike to carry riders from beginner or intermediate level, up to an advanced riding skill level." Morgan Gales - Editor, Street Chopper Magazine

“For the beginner, the FZ-07 is the perfect motorcycle. It’s mellow, lightweight, and easy to get along with. It also has the ability of being the ultimate play bike. Wheelies, stoppies—you name it. No matter your skill level, this bike will never bore you.” Michael Gilbert