SPIED: Yamaha FJ-07

Will Yamaha mash-up its FZ-07 naked and FJ-09 mini-ADV?

Look beneath that hastily applied layer of bubble wrap and you'll see what appears to be a smaller sibling to the Yamaha FJ-09 mini-ADV, this one based around the 689cc parallel twin from the beginner-friendly FZ-07 naked bike. We love the existing FJ-09, which adds a big dose of comfort, versatility, and weather protection to the charismatic FZ-09 naked triple to create a compelling middleweight sport-touring bike. We likewise love the FZ-07, the winner of our recent budget middleweight comparison test, which packs an unbelievable amount of performance and style into a sub-$7K package. Both those bikes have found a happy place in the US market, but is there room for an FJ-07 that splits the difference between the two? Or will this new bike only cannibalize FJ-09 sales? Naked bike buyers often shop according to strict price and/or displacement limits, honoring any combination of budget, economy, or insurance rate mandates. Sport-touring buyers, who typically ride longer hours over greater distances—often with a passenger and/or luggage—typically value performance over price, and might be less swayed by a smaller-displacement, lower-priced alternative to the already affordable and highly functional FJ-09. What do you think? Do American buyers want a smaller, lighter sport-touring option? Would you consider a bike like the FJ-07 if Yamaha USA chose to bring it to America? Tell us what you think now.