Yamaha Moto Cage-Six Concept Bike

Yamaha Embraces Stunter Style

Wondering what Yamaha's production crossplane triple-powered motorcycle might look like? The stunter-styled Moto Cage-Six concept bike, which debuted alongside the prototype engine at Intermot, might give clues. At least the dirtbike-style tubular handlebar resembles those on the crossplane triple's wire-and-wheels concept model.

Based on the pedestrian, inline-four-powered XJ6 Diversion commuter sold in Europe, the Cage-Six borrows heavily from stunter and streetfighter subcultures, suggesting that Yamaha wants to target a hipper, more youthful market. The many, mostly neon-colored accessories are garden variety stunter products including a tubular crash cage, fork-mounted footpegs, paw-protecting handgaurds, and a tail-mounted skidplate. Look closely and you'll even spot the stunter's secret weapon--a dual-caliper rear handbrake set-up. The Cage-Six could easily translate to a production machine, and it would probably be lots of fun to ride-especially if powered by a torquey, three-cylinder engine. Triumph Street Triple riders look out!