Sometimes it isn't practical to take a week to ride across the country just to experience an iconic road or absorb the scenery of a particular region. Motorcycle rental companies solve the problem by having a ride for you when you get there, and now Yamaha is making the planning process easier. It has centralized information on its authorized rental locations with Destination Yamaha.

Yamaha bike riding on road in front of field.
A little dual-sporting adventure with Destination Yamaha will make some lasting memories.Yamaha

Destination Yamaha is a network of rental companies that provide access to numerous motorcycle models across the nation, in some of the best riding spots you can find. Many locations also offer preplanned routes or adventures.

There are also ATV, side-by-side, and snowmobile rentals available in many of the rental locations.

Yamaha bike riding on road.
Check out the winding roads back East on board an MT-07.Yamaha

“Now more than ever people are seeking out new and exciting experiences, and Yamaha is stepping up with added options and ready-built adventures to offer them,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s motorsports marketing manager in a company press release. “Getting outdoors—especially interacting with friends and family—is key to making lifelong memories, and that’s exactly what Destination Yamaha is designed to do.

“Yamaha brings an increased level of confidence and superior reliability to motorsports rental operations, pairing the most dependable and proven machines with experienced and professional partners. Wherever you live, whether you’re a motorsports veteran or completely new to the sport, Destination Yamaha opens up a whole new world of opportunities and experiences.”

Yamaha bike riding on road in front of trees.
Just because you left your own bike at home doesn’t mean you can’t get out for the adventure of a lifetime.Yamaha

If you want to do some trail runs in Oklahoma on a TT-R230, get lost in Moab in a Wolverine X2 R or see the Alaskan wilderness first-hand from the seat of a Kodiak 450, Destination Yamaha has options for you.

Some of the most popular locations include the Black Hills of South Dakota; Appalachians of Tennessee; Las Vegas; and West Virginia. And the roster of rental partners continues to grow. See more at