ON TWO WHEELS – Ice Racing On a Frozen Lake With the Kawasaki KX250F Ice Ninja!

Somewhere in BFE, Wisconsin, Zack Courts and Aaron Frank bundle up for some frozen lake fun.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a climate that allows riding year 'round you may never have considered the deep withdrawal that can begin to pump through your veins after months of winter and no riding. In some parts of the world this cocktail of desperation and cold weather explodes into one of the craziest pastimes On Two Wheels: ice racing.

Having grown up in the wilds of New England, but largely away from ice racing, staffer Zack Courts was sent to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There he met up with former Editor-At-Large Aaron Frank (and his Kawasaki KX250F “Ice Ninja”) for a brush-up lesson on motorcycling during the winter in the icy north. Evidently all you need is a used motocrosser, heavily studded tires, and a few feet of ice over your average lake. Ride along with Zack as he experiences two things from his youth that are rarely combined; fingers numb from the cold, and motorcycles.