Motus Factory Sets Two Land Speed Records…Then Rides Home

Motus company founders hit top speeds at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials.

The 100th anniversary of the land speed trials at Bonneville were marred by heavy rains that put sections of the famous Salt Flats under water, forcing the Southern California Timing Association to postpone their best-known annual event. Between the downpours, however, officials of the AMA-sanctioned Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials were able to find a section of salt to run their first annual event with racers able to complete nearly a thousand successful runs.

Two of those runs were made by the Motus Factory Racing team as they set the fastest land speed records of any American production motorcycle competing in P-PP and P-PG classes. The new records also establish the stock Motus MSTR as the fastest production pushrod motorcycle in the world.

The Motus MSTR motorcycles were raced in stock, unmodified condition with just the mirrors, turn signals and license plates removed. With top speeds of 168.69 mph and records of 163.98 mph and 165.81 mph respectively, company founders Brian Case and Lee Conn set the records before re-attaching the mirrors and license plates and riding 1900 miles back to the Motus factory in 30 hours.

VIDEO: Motus Factory Racing At Bonneville