The New Brough Superior SS100

The legendary motorcycle from the 1920s is back, and it means business.

Albert Castaigne, Executive Director of Brough Superior Motorcycles, says that the SS100 project took two years from the first drawings to the bike you see here. The goal is to produce one new bike per day.Photo: Jordan Mastagni

Brough Superior is a name vintage enthusiasts will know well. Through the 1920s and 1930s Brough was synonymous with exclusive, innovative and high performance motorcycles. Now over 70 years after closing, they're back to do the exact same thing in a very different age.

Brough Superior SS100 gas tank is made from scratch with detailing that takes you back to the 1920s.Photo: Jordan Mastagni
High-end brakes for a high-end motorcycle. Brough chose France-based Beringer Brakes to supply them with the 4D dual-disc brake system.Photo: Jordan Mastagni

Originally, the SS100 indicated that the motorcycle had been tested and was capable of going at least 100mph—no small feat in the 1920s. With respect to the past and their tradition, the Brough Superior is just as categorically high performance now as it was then. Their unique 1000cc engine puts out a claimed 130 horsepower and 88 lb-ft of torque, and with the titanium frame comes in at a claimed dry weight of 410 pounds.

The SS100's engine is a 1,000cc v-twin that delivers a claimed 130 horsepower.Photo: Jordan Mastagni

Just like the original SS100, the new bikes feature the sort of innovation you can only hope to see from bespoke motorcycles like this. Featuring a machined aluminum frame with a fabricated titanium subframe, the bike is not only lightweight but nice and stiff as well. The front end uses a unique suspension system that's not quite a girder, but something close. In the video below, Brough Superior Motorcycles Executive Director Albert Castaigne describes it as a "double-triangle fork system, which allows to have really precise steering totally separated from braking, with no diving while braking." The rear suspension features a cast aluminum swingarm that pivots in the engine crank case, with a fully-adjustable monoshock. It's great to see innovations that are so far out, but still form following function.

VIDEO: Brough Superior Motorcycles Executive Director Albert Castaigne

Stopping the bike up front are two floating double discs with four-piston calipers, and a single disc in the rear, both equipped with high performance pads. Running 18-inch tires front and rear gives you the option to run a wide variety of road/enduro tires.

It seems as though no expense was spared in making these incredible motorcycles, and at nearly $55,000 the price tag reflects that. Putting them up in the high echelon of dream bikes right there next to the Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1, these modern classics are truly high-speed works of art. For more information on the new SS100, check


From the early 1930s: T.E. Lawrence, AKA Lawrence of Arabia, on one of his seven Brough motorcycles. He had another on order when was fatally injured in a crash on his SS100.Motorcyclist Archives