Leatt Knee Brace Z-Frame Review

A budget-friendly knee brace option

Quality knee protection for a quality price. $299.99/pair leatt.com
Jeff Allen

The newest addition to Leatt’s knee-protection line, the Z-Frame knee brace is the South African company’s budget-friendly option but still has enough research behind it to qualify as an FDA-certified medical device. It’s a lightweight, nearly minimalist design that still manages to feel secure. The brace utilizes an injected composite chassis with slim hinges for enhanced bike feel and interchangeable hinge pads for a customizable fit. On the bike, that tidy fit allows the Z-Frame brace to feel slim and compact. A nice feature is a subtle spring-action tendency from hinges that push the braces toward a straight position. The light pressure works well because it prevents the brace from struggling to return to the open position, as we’ve experienced with other braces.

All told, the Z-Frame is a compelling package, providing plenty of protection and comfort from a product that, as a pair, costs only a little more than a single leg’s worth of Leatt’s top-tier C-Frame brace. At $300, these quality knee braces are well within the range of most riders who’ve wanted to try riding with supported knees but waffled because of the price.