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One of the best ways to ensure a lifelong passion for motorcycles is to start young, ripping around the backyard or local OHV riding area on a kids motorcycle. These mini bikes are great for youngsters because they make it possible to learn fundamentals like throttle control and body positioning in a low-stakes way. 

Features like speed limiters and emergency shut-off mechanisms allow parents to keep their kiddos from getting too out of hand, while automatic transmissions make it easy for young riders to get a feel for being on a bike before they have to dial in the finer points of clutch control.

These days there are endless kids motorcycle options. In the gas-powered realm, long-standing models such as the Yamaha PW50 or Honda CRF50F remain affordable and attractive. Electric kids bikes are also becoming more available, many from top-tier manufacturers. The KTM SX-E 3, for example, is a well-built electric bike that provides up to two hours of ride time. The Indian Motorcycle eFTR is another example of a fun electric machine that seeks to challenge the predominance of internal combustion motorcycles in this segment.

Of course, as kids grow and become more proficient on the bike, their needs change. That’s why many manufacturers also offer bikes in the 80cc–150cc range. These bikes give kids the chance to learn proper clutch technique and how to handle more power.

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