Indian's Scout FTR750 Pro Flat Track Motorcycle is Now Publicly Available

Pull out the checkbook, because Indian's new race-only Flat Tracker is now obtainable.

Indian Scout FTR750 ride
Indian's Scout FTR750 will now be available to general consumers, collectors, and race teams.Photo: Motorcyclist Archives

Indian Motorcycles has finally made the FTR750 available to general consumers, albeit ones with deep enough pockets (collectors and race teams predominantly). The rules in the American Flat Track series state that the engines used by race teams have to be based on existing production designs, and because Indian's FTR750 does not share its engine with any other model they offer currently, Indian has now made the entire platform available in a limited run. This was probably spurred on by Harley-Davidson's recent announcement that they will be debuting their new XGR750R for the 2017 American Flat Track series. The XGR750R uses the same basic engine layout as their Street 750, and therefore the platform itself is not available outside the professional ring.

MSRP on the Scout FTR750 is $49,900. However, if you are an approved race team you can get the FTR for a special discounted price of $44,900.

A $5,000 deposit, per bike, must be made up-front and in-total before an order is processed, and Indian will also require a list of background information, including your race team or organization, series you are competing in and years racing, among other details.

Indian Scout FTR750 availability
The announcement of the general availability of the FTR750 plays into the official rules of the American Flat Track series, in which it's stated that all motorcycles racing have to run engines that are available to general consumers.Photo: Motorcyclist Archives

Full payment must be received prior to shipping, and there is no expressed warranty on the FTR750 (we figured as such). If you're looking to order, send an email over to

The FTR750 is not street legal and does not meet:
US EPA Emissions — Competition Recreational Vehicle Exemption
USEPS Pass By Noise — Competition Motorcycle Exemption
NHTSA Motor Vehicle Safety Standards — Used Only for Competitive Events.