How To Pick Up A Motorcycle In Four Easy Steps

Four easy steps to help you pickup your motorcycle after a tip-over

Whether it's from a kickstand sinking into soft earth or just a loss of balance, sometimes your beloved ride ends up on its side. Before you pick it back up, take a beat to make sure the key and the petcock are switched off, then survey the scene. The damage is done to the bike (and your ego), so take your time with these steps.


Approach the tipped motorcycle.Brenda Weaver

Make sure you feel good about the footing. Motorcycles are heavy, and the only thing worse than a tip-over is lifting the bike halfway up and dropping it again. Keep in mind you’ll be pushing toward the bike as well as lifting.


Make sure to get your grip.Brenda Weaver

Move the handlebar to full lock in whatever direction the bike fell over (as long as it won’t cause more damage) and find a place on the rear of the bike that you can hold. The passenger grab handle is often ideal.


Lift with your legs.Brenda Weaver

Get a solid grip on your grab point and the handlebar, then get in dead-lift position—straighten your back, lock or stabilize your arms, and push with your legs. Good form is key to avoiding injury.


Check for damage.Brenda Weaver

Take stock of any damage by checking the levers and controls. If you can get the kickstand onto solid ground, a walk-around is never a bad idea before getting back on the road.