2021 Harley-Davidson Bronx Streetfighter Preview

Harley-Davidson’s newest street brawler packs a 975cc liquid-cooled punch.

It's been more than a year since Harley-Davidson first teased its development of an all-new motorcycle platform based on a liquid-cooled V-twin Revolution Max engine. Now, two of those motorcycles have taken that next step, with Harley officially announcing their late-2020 launch as 2021 models: the Bronx streetfighter model and the Pan America adventure-touring model.

Deemed a “middleweight” motorcycle by The Motor Company, the Bronx model uses the smaller 975cc version of the all-new Revolution Max liquid-cooled engine that claims will make more than 115 hp and more than 70 pound-feet of torque on the production model. For those needing more oomph, the 1,250cc Pan America adventure-tourer will produce more than 145 hp and 90 pound-feet of torque.

Harley’s 2021 Bronx streetfighter looks like one of the sportiest bikes to ever roll out of Milwaukee.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Those figures are achieved with a 60-degree cylinder angle and dual downdraft throttle bodies, a feature most notably found on Harley's V-Rod family and the Sportster XR1200. The narrow engine sits as a stressed member of the frame and features a counterbalancer to reduce vibrations. Harley claims flexible performance throughout the rpm range with a broad powerband and lots of high-rpm power.

To back its new performance motor, Harley turned to Brembo and Michelin to develop all-new brake and tire solutions to keep all that power in check. Brembo will be providing a new radial Monoblock four-piston caliper with modern styling and classic Brembo capability. All-new co-branded Michelin tires were created to match the specific performance needs and requirements of the Bronx streetfighter as well.

No price points or additional specs have been released as of now, but everything should become available when the bike officially launches in the US toward the end of 2020.

With its stressed-member engine mounted low in the frame, agility in the twisties should be expected.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company
The Bronx looks like it will have a similar riding position to the sport-oriented LiveWire electric motorcycle.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company
No official specs are available yet, but lean angle figures should be impressive.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Michelin created all-new co-branded tires for the Harley Bronx to meet the performance requirements engineers were aiming for with the new model.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company
This is the first time we’re seeing a round LCD instrument cluster on a Harley. Could this be an indicator of things to come on the air-cooled models? Note the metric-style switches with built-in grip warmer.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company
All-new Brembo Monoblock calipers were developed exclusively for the Bronx.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Based on the images, the Bronx will run 17-inch wheels front and rear with ZR-rated tires.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company
In the Bronx, the 975cc Revolution Max will produce more than 115 hp and 70 pound-feet of torque.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company
An LED headlight with halo ring creates lots of visibility on the front of the Bronx.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Ergonomically, the Bronx appears to fit in hitting switchbacks and cruising on the open road.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Official names are unknown, but it looks like the Bronx will be offered in dark red and gloss black color schemes.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company
The Bronx looks like one of those motorcycles that makes you want to get out there and ride a motorcycle.Courtesy Harley-Davidson Motor Company