General Sipes Red Bull Video Series

Watch Ryan Sipes compete in motorcycle races around the world.

In Red Bull's General Sipes video series, motocross/supercross star Ryan Sipes will spread his wings at the Daytona Supercross, Flat Track, GNCC, hill climb, and the Red Bull Hard Enduro at Erzberg. How will he do?Red Bull

Ryan Sipes is an amazing motorcycle rider. In fact, he is such a badass that Red Bull has built a video series around the racing exploits of General Sipes and will be releasing them throughout the remainder of 2019. The first video, provided below, sets up the rest of the series which documents the American rider as he steps outside his comfort zone competing on AMA motocross and supercross tracks and sets his sights on other challenging events around the world.

The recently released General Sipes video series will include action from Daytona Supercross, Flat Track, GNCC, hill climb, the Red Bull Hard Enduro at Erzberg motorcycle races along with all of the trials and tribulations that go along with having the Red Bull video crew following you as you attempt to compete at these events as an outsider. Add into the mix the challenge of being a father and you have the makings of an interesting look inside the personal life of a professional motorcycle racer trying to do something a little bit outside the box.

As you can tell by the first video, the series has potential to be entertaining, and if Red Bull has anything to do with it, you can better believe the action footage is going to be amazing. Of course it always does a great job with the personal element as well, so we have to imagine more than a few viewers will find something in common with both Sipes and his family. We can’t wait to see him at Erzberg… That is a unique spectacle in its own right.