Fluid Funnels Needed In Every Garage

With the right fluid funnel, motorcycle maintenance garage projects are easier.

Keep your garage floor free of oil stains with the help of any of these funnels.Kenny Luo

It’s too easy to spill oil all over the garage floor when performing routine motorcycle maintenance. That’s why it’s worth investing in a few good funnels to get the job done cleanly and professionally. There are plenty of funnel options out there, but here are a few we found that could help you get the job done whether you are the penny pincher, the funnel collector, or the professional shop mechanic.

Simple Selection

Varying sizes help get a variety of liquids into your machine.Amazon

For most non-professional, DIYers, these funnels make it easy to get fresh oil into the vehicle simply and effectively. Different mouth/stem sizes like 4 inches/0.5 inch, 3.5 inches/0.4 inch, and 2.5 inches/0.3 inch are included in this bundle, so no matter the job, big or small, you can take it on with the large-, medium-, or small-sized funnels. For storing, the funnels can be nested together or one can use the loops on the side to hang them in the garage.

The More The Merrier

Tall, short, adjustable, you name it. Whatever the size this pack’s got it. Amazon

No matter the job, there is bound to be a funnel in this 10-piece set from WirthCo that will help you keep a clean shop. This set includes the most popular funnel sizes and designs including: one 2-quart funnel, one 3-pack funnel set, two clip-on spouts, two flex spouts, one 1-quart flex funnel, and one capped funnel. You will always have the funnel you need if you have this set close to your toolbox.

For Odd Angles

When you need to fill the motorcycle with fresh fluids, a product that can get those hard-to-reach spouts.Amazon

When changing your motorcycle’s oil you will commonly find that the spout to the oil tank is at an angle, not vertical like you see on cars. With this slight maintenance challenge it is great to have an adjustable and extendable funnel for the job. When you just want to knock out this task quickly the 40-ounce capacity, wide neck, and wide spout make quick and easy work of the motorcycle’s blood transfusion. If you are dealing with funneling gasoline and other engine fluids you should note that this is made of a chemical-resistant polyethylene construction. 

For The Refuse

Got a lift? This product helps collect the discarded fluids. Amazon

While this funnel/tank combo may require a lift to be of any use, this is still a great all-in-one option for oil changes. You can either extract the waste using the venturi-vacuum extracting system or simply use gravity. Situated on two 3-inch swivel casters on the front and two 6-inch rear wheels you can move the tank around your garage with ease. The 15-inch-diameter funnel will be sure to catch any oil dripping from the sump and you can adjust its height between 45 inches up to 75.5 inches for vehicles on lifts.