Digital Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauges -- A Garage Must-Have

Under pressure!

Motorcycles, cars, trailers, and bicycles all require routine tire pressure checks. Standard stick and analog dial gauges will get the job done, but when you can get as accurate as a decimal point, then why not go for accuracy? (You’re welcome, perfectionists.) Complete this task in the most efficient and accurate way possible with a digital tire pressure gauge.

Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Easy-to-read digital display with battery life indicator makes this a dependable go-to tire pressure gauge.Amazon

Simple use, accurate readout, and durable build. What more can you ask for? The Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge also has a convenient, easy-to-use bleed valve in case you end up over-inflating your tires, and the continuous reading allows you to keep the billet aluminum chuck connected while you release excess air. It reads up to 60 psi and the 15-inch hose will allow you to work around the brake rotors or swingarm as necessary. This is our go-to gauge in the shop and at the racetrack.

JYSW Digital Tire Inflator With Tire Pressure Gauge

Measures up to 200 psi on the digital display.Amazon

Inflate and check the tire pressure at the same time with the JYSW gauge. This all-in-one option allows you to connect your air compressor to the 1/4 NPT fitting and use the inflation trigger to get the pressure right. Overinflate? Deflate the tire with the air bleed button. It reads from 0–200 psi, so you can use on almost anything that has inflatable tires.

JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge

The 360-degree interchangeable air chuck allows for easy maneuvering from any angle.Amazon

While this option has the air bleed valve, the hose, and digital screen, one additional feature is that the reading locks on the display until it is reset with the "On" button. This could be beneficial for those who want to ensure the correct pressure was all set before moving on to the next tire.

AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

This compact, versatile gauge reads from zero–150 psi, making it suitable for more than just motorcycle tires.Amazon

This little guy is for those who are either limited on shop space or perhaps like to carry a digital gauge while riding. Need to check tire pressure in a poorly lit garage or maybe on the side of the road at night? This product has a lighted chuck to help see in those scenarios. Need to add a little pizzazz to the garage? Choose from either silver, blue, or red color options.