All-New Indian Chief, Chieftain and CubCrafters Cub! - On Two Wheels

Two of America’s most iconic forms.

On this episode of On Two Wheels we had the opportunity to spend time with two of America’s most iconic forms, the Indian Motorcycle and a recreation of the 1930′s staple of aviation, the Piper Cub. While both look like relics from the past, they have all the modern underpinnings you could want. The Indian Chief and Chieftain are all new this year, brought back to life by Polaris industry’s. They stayed true to the classic form, but still included all the creature comforts a modern rider would prefer. Same goes for the aircraft, the traditional form remains, but modern advances in aviation has brought this iconic machine far beyond it predecessor.

Motorcyclist Editor in Chief Marc Cook heads to Washington to get some seat time on the new Indians and some valued flight time in the CubCrafter's Cub.