GM announced the name of its new eBike brand today. ARIV, as it's been named by way of a crowdsourcing campaign, will bring two bicycles to Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands this year: a compact Meld and a foldable Merge.

These markets were chosen because battery-powered bikes are highly popular in those regions. Each is powered by a GM-developed motor capable of reaching about 15 mph (25 kph) and has four levels of pedal-assist power. The battery charges in 3.5 hours and will run for 40 miles before a recharge.

The ARIV Meld is likely to be a hit with urban commuters.GM

There’s also rechargeable front and rear LED safety lights and oversize brake rotors for better stopping power. Each bike can also connect to an ARIV eBike app on smartphones via Bluetooth to get information about speed, battery level, motor assistance level, and other important metrics. Both have integrated USB ports too to allow riders to charge electronic devices if needed.

Ariv Meld
ARIV wanted to keep the look sleek and minimalist, so routed all cables internally.GM

The slim, compact, minimalist design is all about functionality. They take up little space and can easily be stored away. There’s even a walk mode function that helps propel each model when a rider must walk the bike. The Merge can operate in this mode when folded too.

Ariv Meld and Merge
GM’s new eBike company ARIV brings two new models to European markets later this year.GM
Ariv Merge
Left: The Merge looks just about the same as the Meld, but is foldable.
Right: Here's the Merge all folded up, a practical feature for riders who have little space to store a bicycle.

Preorders can be made today if you're in Germany, Belgium, or the Netherlands at The Meld will price at 2,800 euros and the Merge at 3,400 euros in Belgium and the Netherlands ($3,162 and $3,839 dollars, respectively, as of the writing of this article). In Germany the Meld will go for 2,750 euros and the Merge will price at 3,350 euros. There's no mention of other potential markets at this time. Bikes will start to ship to customers starting in Q2 of 2019.