2020 Suzuki Katana US MSRP Announced

The 2020 Suzuki Katana will cost $13,499.

The 2020 Suzuki Katana combines the stability of the GSX-S1000 chassis with the long-stroke GSX-R1000 engine and wraps it in a modern take on the original Katana design.Suzuki

Suzuki has announced that the Katana will be made available in the United States in November, 2019 with an MSRP of $13,499. The 2020 Suzuki Katana will be available in two colors, the original Metallic Mystic Silver that we rode during the Katana First Ride earlier this year, or the Glass Sparkle Black version.

The 2020 Suzuki Katana features a twin-spar, aluminum alloy frame, and a superbike style braced swingarm that will help give it a bit of an edge when carving up your favorite canyon roads.Suzuki

Information on the new Katana can be found scattered across the internet so we will spare you the rehash of the same details you have already read about. The new Katana is an homage to the original model which has become an icon for Suzuki during the past 39 years. As with most retro bikes, the new version is infused with better engine, chassis, and rider assist technology that is intended to make this motorcycle an exciting street bike that is equal parts comfortable and sporty with enough performance potential to keep even the most ham-fisted speed freaks entertained. We have been gushing over this bike for quite a while but the ultimate measure of its success will lie in the willingness of you, the consumer, to go out and buy it.

The new 2020 Katana will be offered in an all black version. That sounds better than the actual description of the blacked out version which is called Glass Sparkle Black.Suzuki

So, here are a few basic truths about the Katana that have the potential to make it the hit Suzuki hopes it will become. First of all, the bike looks pretty cool. Although this is one of many retro themed motorcycles on the market these days, the new Katana has managed to stay true to its original, unique, and funky design, with a modern twist. The second truth is that it has been infused with a legitimate GSX-R1000 engine so it has potential to be a really impressive bike if it arrives un-neutered. And now the final piece of the puzzle is that Suzuki will be offering it at $13,499.

The original Katana was cool in its own right, but you have to admit the 2020 Katana looks way better by comparison. Gone is the air-cooled engine, spindly suspension, and 19-inch front wheel. The first two replaced by the latest go fast tech from Suzuki and it rolls on 17-inch wheels shod with sticky compound tires.Suzuki
This is what you get when you combine retro cool styling with enough modern accoutrements to satisfy the technophiles and Katana purists at the same time.Suzuki
Suzuki offers a full slate of options to give the 2020 Katana a personalized touch. The red wheels look sick but so do the brake calipers and highlighted body parts. Whatever direction you go with your own Katana, it looks like you are going to have some fun.Suzuki