Yamaha's entry-level R3 sportbike gets a makeover for the coming model year, packing upgrades aimed to improve rider comfort and control.

The 2019 R3 comes with or without ABS, however both models get the benefit of ergonomic and suspension improvements. Starting at the front, there’s a fresh KYB 37mm USD fork along with a new triple clamp. The handlebar position is 22mm lower (just over an eighth of an inch) as well, putting riders more in the machine than on top of it.

2019 Yamaha R3
The 2019 Yamaha R3 will be better than ever next year.Yamaha

Yamaha has also revised the shape of the fuel tank and cover to further improve rider feel in the cockpit. The tank is 31.4mm wider above the knee and 20mm lower at the fuel cap. Capacity remains the same as the outgoing version at 3.7 gallons.

2019 Yamaha R3
Improving handling and feel on the bike were key elements to Yamaha’s redesign.Yamaha

The changes continue with a redesigned front fairing and windscreen. These were shaped to pay homage to Yamaha's MotoGP bike, the YZR-M1, and were tested in the wind tunnel and on track for aerodynamic effectiveness. Yamaha states that the new kit reduces drag by 7 percent, lessening the amount of turbulence on a rider's head in the tuck position and giving the R3 a 5 mph improvement in top speed. A duct placed in the center of the fairing also pushes air to the radiator for additional engine cooling.

2019 Yamaha R3
A new USD fork and lowered handlebars are a few changes Yamaha made to the R3.Yamaha

Also adorning that front fairing are new LED headlights, which have been repositioned to fit, and the 2019 R3 will also benefit from an updated LCD instrument panel.

2019 Yamaha R3
Yamaha also revised the shape of the fuel tank to give the rider better control and a more comfortable cockpit in the tuck position.Yamaha

The R3's hallmark liquid-cooled 321cc parallel-twin engine is unchanged, and it's still housed in a lightweight steel frame. It rolls on 10-spoke cast aluminum wheels shod in Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 tires, has a 298mm front brake disc with twin piston caliper, and a 30.7-inch seat height.

2019 Yamaha R3 lcd screen
An updated LCD instrument panel gives all the essential information.Yamaha

This bike has proven to be an absolute blast on the track and is a joy on mountain roads, so the improvements for 2019 are expected to make a good thing even better.

2019 Yamaha R3 fairing
The R3 has a revised windscreen and fairing and repositioned LED headlights.Yamaha
2019 Yamaha R3
One of our favorite track bikes gets some thoughtful revisions in 2019.Yamaha

You will get the chance to own either the ABS or non-ABS versions this December. The non-ABS R3 will be available in Yamaha Blue or Matte Black and carries a price tag of $4,999. The ABS R3 comes in either Matte Black or Vivid White colorways and starts at $5,299.