2019 HighPipe Scrambler Motorcycle Festival Preview

Bring your scrambler to the 2019 HighPipe Motorcycle Festival.

Motorcyclist in front of China Peak Resort sign for the HighPipe Festival.
The best thing about the HighPipe Festival is that you are there to ride and hang out with people who enjoy a bit of wind in their face, grease on their hands, and bugs in their teeth.HighPipe Festival

The third annual HighPipe Scrambler Motorcycle Festival kicks off this weekend (August 16–18) at Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood, California. This three-day celebration of the scrambler-style, multipurpose motorcycle has grown from a small gathering of friends to an industry-supported showcase for old-school dual sport bikes and retro cool machines that have become so popular during this past decade. If you have a bike with high pipes, crappy shocks, or spindle frame spars, this is the festival for you.

At the heart of HighPipe is the desire to ride your bike and challenge your riding skills in a number of fun events or any of the spectacular roads that lead to and from HQ, this year it's SoCal's Mountain High Resort. HighPipe organizers have come up with a number of riding routes that have received the HP seal of approval including Angeles Crest Highway and Newcomb's Ranch.

San Gabriel Mountains at the HighPipe Scrambler Motorcycle Festival.
The San Gabriel Mountains serve as the epic backdrop to this unbelievable event.HighPipe Festival

There’s also a super-exciting Scramble Ramble Scavenger Hunt that puts your scrambler skills to the test as every participant battles for the coveted “Best of the Mountain” trophy. The scavenger hunt coincides with the Skills Challenge, where riders can earn additional points toward their overall score if they successfully navigate the obstacle courses set up to test their mettle. It’s all about fun at the HighPipe Festival, folks.

Motorcycles in front of mountains.
Men, women, children, scramblers, dual sports, dirt bikes—no matter who you are or what you ride, they are all welcome at HighPipe.HighPipe Festival

If you are up to the challenge of following Cycle World's resident wildman through the San Gabriel wilderness, then you might want to join him on the 30-mile Morgan Gales MOB Run. The ride is open to only 10 participants on each outing, and it is held three times per day on all three days. This will be a high-speed fun ride that starts and stops at Festival HQ, so bring your safety gear, radar detector, and emergency medical kit because this one is going to be challenging. Oh yeah, it's also free.

Motorcyclist rides down dirt road.
If you are up to the challenge, HighPipe Festival puts you on track for some rough yet entertaining off-road rides in addition to the paved routes.HighPipe Festival

While the riding is exciting, the best part of HighPipe is hanging out with your friends and like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy looking and talking about these awesome multipurpose motos during the Ride-In Bike Show. There are no trailer queens on this promenade, people; it is all about judging the best-looking bikes you can and will ride. The winners are selected by People’s Choice voting so appointed judges are never going to be part of the equation. If you have a roadworthy gem of a dual sport or scrambler, we would love to see you on the mountain.

Motorcycles at Klim tent at HighPipe Scrambler Motorcycle Festival.
The support from the motorcycle industry continues to increase year after year. If you enjoy checking out new gear, riding new roads, and hanging out with the cool kids, then join us at HighPipe 2019.HighPipe Festival

Festival goers can stay at the resort or camp on the grounds around it if they choose. No matter where you plan to rest your weary bones, you won't be alone and you are guaranteed to have a great time. Check out the recap of the 2018 HighPipe Festival and then hustle to get your bike prepped for the ride of your life. We hope to see you there.