2018 Honda CRF125F

The teen machine.

2018 Honda CRF125FHonda

Anthropometrically, cars and trucks are designed to fit the fifth to 95th percentile of human anatomies, specifically, heights from under 5 feet for females to more than 6-foot-1 for males. But bikes aren’t, which creates a real need for compact playbikes like the CRF125F. Powered by a carbureted, air-cooled, 125cc single with two valves—one intake and one exhaust—and featuring smallish 17-inch front and 14-inch rear wheels, the CRF125F is ideal for budding teens and smaller adults. Its electric starter, quiet intake and exhaust systems, and standard spark arrestor make it simple to use and as legal as legal gets in OHV land.

Using the same basic architecture, the CRF125F Big Wheel has larger-diameter 19-inch front and 16-inch rear wheels and a bit more suspension travel (5.9 inches front and rear compared to the standard CRF125F’s 5.5-inch front, 4.5-inch rear travel). Its 30.9-inch seat height is likewise 2 inches taller than that of the CRF125F. Want to lure your teen or preteen, wife, or girlfriend into riding with you? Here is their machine.

Likes: Friendly, fun, and affordable

Dislikes: Lazy steering geometry, soft suspension, no fuel injection

Verdict: A big step below a "real" dirt bike in both cost and performance

2018 Honda CRF125F Specs and Pricing

MSRP $2,999