RMK Vehicle Corporation out of Finland shows that electric motorcycle design doesn't have to follow convention with its first model, the E2. The debut of this machine recently took place at the MP 19 Motorcycle Show in Helsinki and there are some really intriguing details on display.

RMK E2 electric motorcycle
Sharp lines, clean design, and that stunning rear wheel make the E2 hard to miss.RMK

The primary point of interest is the integrated rim motor. While there are plenty of wheel hub motors out there on electric bikes and other vehicles, the rim motor design of the E2 is unique because it leaves off the need for a hub or spokes or chain entirely. It looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. It promises a top speed of nearly 100 mph, 50 kW (67 hp), 320 Nm (235 pound-feet!) of torque, and weighs 441 pounds.

RMK E2 electric motorcycle
You can preorder your E2 now and turn some heads later.RMK

Taking the place of a chain or shaft drive are three heavy wires which transmit the power from the battery. RMK doesn’t divulge details on the battery’s specs yet, but says that configurations will be available to reach up to 186 miles on a charge. It also says that the battery can go from 0 percent to 80 percent charge in two hours.

Braking is handled by a standard, dual disc setup at the front, but is actuated by the left lever. The rear brake is operated by the right front lever and is regenerative.

RMK E2 electric motorcycle tank
The instrument panel is built into the faux tank, and will have lots of customizable options.RMK

RMK promises that rear tire changes can be done with regular tools, and asserts that the unsprung mass of the E2 is similar to that of a more conventionally designed motorcycle.

RMK E2 electric motorcycle rear
The integrated rim motor at the back is the star of the show.RMK

There’s also a really interesting instrument panel built in to the top of the faux tank. It will have a customizable display and navigation interface among other important bits of info.

That’s about as definitive as we can get at the moment, except for the base price. RMK is taking preorders, which can be reserved for 2,000 euro. The E2 has a total “targeted starting price” of 24,990 euro, or a little over $28,500 dollars.