Overland Expo West Show 2019

All the latest adventure gear for motorcycle riders.

Overland Expo had talks all weekend from experienced overlanders and specialty travelers alike.
Education is the name of the game when you prepare for long adventures. Luckily, Overland Expo had talks all weekend from experienced overlanders and specialty travelers alike.Casey Cordeiro

The term "adventure" can take on many forms these days. You can adventure through the Serengeti; you can adventure into the Arctic; or you can simply adventure into your backyard for a barbecue with the family. With so many meanings, many people simply want to be inspired to adventure with their peers, loved ones, and random comrades. The yearly gathering to acquire this kind of inspiration is at the ever-loved Overland Expo West. Now in its 10th year, Overland Expo is one of, if not the most loved camping, adventure, training, and education show on the planet.

Travel-ready products at the Overland Expo.
Travel-ready products were all the rage at this year’s show. Who likes a cup of coffee at sunrise?Casey Cordeiro

For 2019, the Overland Expo went through a bit of an, ahem, overhaul… The new promoters and show organizers brought more exhibitors than ever, and there was more organization in every sense of the word. Could this make for a better show overall? As Sunday evening rolled around and the banquet was in full swing, the air hung high with the sense that this show was, indeed, the best ever. Good thing, as this 10th anniversary had a lot to live up to for visitors from all over the world.

Power Wagon setup at the Overland Expo.
Pairing awesome automotive rigs with motorcycles is all the rage these days. This Power Wagon setup can get you out there, and back, with a motorcycle.Casey Cordeiro

Lodestone Events acquired the expo and brought the 2019 event back to Flagstaff, Arizona’s Fort Tuthill County Park. This park could be described as the perfect outdoor convention space as there is plenty of vendor space with several parking lots, and the area is fairly flat to make it easy for everyone to get around. On top of that, one of the most important parts of the overland lifestyle is being able to camp out with all of your existing and new friends who share the same passion for the outdoors and this county park allows all campers to enjoy festival-style camping on the grounds, giving you quick access to the show every day. If you’re making plans for next year, be sure to grab a camping spot early and bring your rig!

An abundant amount of open space filled with ADV bikes at the camping area at the Overland Expo.
An abundant amount of open space filled with ADV bikes were found in the camping area at this event.Casey Cordeiro

If the camping and open layout of the event weren’t enough, showgoers were treated to an abundance of vendors. If an attendee swayed more toward the automobile side of the industry, there were complete builds on display, parts and performance upgrades everywhere, and the now ubiquitous overloading trailers scattered across the show floor.

Riders line up for training exercises at the Overland Expo.
Training exercises took place all weekend. Groups were broken up by skill level and had some of the most well-known instructors on the planet to learn from.Casey Cordeiro

For most of us, the adventure motorcycle is our favorite mode of transportation. Luckily, there were manufacturers at the expo giving demo rides (Ducati, Ural, and Cake electric bikes to name a few), plus on display were an innumerable amount of products that were tailor made for any adventure bike, whether you have a KTM Adventure, BMW GS, Triumph, or more. Some of the products included: soft and hard bags, performance upgrades, GPS kits to help you find your way, gear sets, and just about everything else. One of the most unique products had to be soft-sided gas bags that allow you to strap the pouch to your motorcycle for extra fuel.

Ducati Scrambler at the Overland Expo.
Ducati brought out its big yellow school bus full of motorcycles for this event. Many showgoers loved the demo rides on the Scrambler!Casey Cordeiro

Not only were there products present at the show, but there were also opportunities to take motorcycle training courses. Based on your skill level—beginner to advanced riders were all welcome—world-renowned instructors were on hand teaching skills that every motorcycle rider could benefit from learning.

Jesse Luggage Hard Side Case at the Overland Expo.
Motorcycle accessories were everywhere, and we really liked seeing the assortment of hard and soft cases for nearly every brand of motorcycle.Casey Cordeiro

If you’re looking for the best overland- and adventure-specific show in North America, the Overland Expo West cannot be overlooked. Even though this year’s show has passed, you’re in luck because there is another overland show to attend before next May rolls around, and it just so happens to be named Overland Expo East. This sister show is going to take place in Arrington, Virginia, on October 11–13. Mark your calendars today, and we’ll see you there!

Bikers at the Overland Expo.
As they say, it takes a village to put an event like this together!Casey Cordeiro
Bike and truck at the Overland Expo.
Want to know the best part about overlanders? No one cares what you have—it’s all about enjoying the experience the natural world brings forth. Whether you have an expensive rig or a basic motorcycle carrying you around, everyone has common ground and a great time together.Casey Cordeiro
Goal Zero Solar Charging Systems at the Overland Expo.
With the recent increases in efficiency and broader range of products, solar panels like these, along with battery systems, are getting more and more popular, especially with compact sizes available.Casey Cordeiro
Garmin inReach GPS Systems at the Overland Expo.
Garmin was one of the main GPS companies on hand showcasing its line of navigation and emergency products.Casey Cordeiro
Van on display at the Overland Expo.
Yes, #vanlife is a real thing, and there were plenty of rad vans on display! In case anyone was wondering, motorcycles fit in there too.Casey Cordeiro
Tool cases at the Overland Expo.
From hard tool cases like these to soft tool rolls, there were kits for everyone and every setup on display.Casey Cordeiro