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On Two Wheels

The best motorcycle video series on the internet!

Watch as Zack Courts and Ari Henning take on the most exciting motorcycle adventures they can find. Whether they're skidding across the frozen lakes of Wisconsin, riding BMWs through Thailand, or racing Honda Grom's, they'll show you how to have fun On Two Wheels. A monthly motorcycle video series including motorcycle video reviews and motorcycle video test.

Meet the Guys

  • Ari Henning, Motorcyclist Magazine

Ari Henning

Motorcycles had Ari in their grasp since Day 1. His Dad was a roadracer so he was raised at the track, where he developed an appetite for speed and a reputation for mischief. Years later when Bridgewater State University wanted a down payment from him, Ari opted to pour the cash into his gas tank instead, and spent the next six months and 20,000 miles exploring the back roads of America. He ended up in California—the land of lane splitting and an endless riding season—and through a mixture of luck and persistence landed a job at Motorcyclist magazine.

Zack Courts

As newlyweds, Zack's parents rode motorcycles around Morocco in the Peace Corps, and two-up across Europe. So by the time they had a son, his future was written. Zack got his first dirt bike at 8 years old, tearing through the Green Mountains of Vermont and racetrack paddocks throughout the Northeast while his father roadraced. By 16 he was destroying his own knee-pucks, and after 10 years of roadracing everything from a 1971 Honda CB350 to a 2006 Suzuki GSXR600 he headed west. Moving to California reunited him with childhood friend and paddock buddy Ari Henning, who helped him in the door of Motorcyclist magazine. Now amongst his two-wheeled brethren, Zack spends time roadracing casually and dodging insults for being the only one on staff who likes scooters.

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