2020 BMW R 1800 Power Cruiser Spied Testing

Enjoy a tease of BMW’s 2020 power cruiser.

The gorgeous 1,800cc boxer engine appears to be much like the one we saw in the R18 custom.
The gorgeous 1,800cc boxer engine appears to be much like the one we saw in the R18 custom.BMH-Images

The fact that BMW has been hard at work on a production version of its big, beautiful 1,800cc boxer should come as no surprise. The retro-inspired mill has recently been part of some mouth-watering one-offs, notably the R18, and it honestly would have been a crime not to see it made available to the masses.

Recent spy shots reveal BMW’s intentions for 2020 in a cruiser that appears to share some of the aesthetic we saw on the R18, but with much more pragmatic design elements. The R 1800 will likely be unveiled officially within the next month or so, and we’re thrilled.

The images don’t reveal a lot, since they all show the machine partially covered under a tarp, possibly making the trip between photo shoot locations. But we know the chrome-accented engine was inspired by ’60s-era boxers, and is part of BMW’s larger plan to develop a line of big cruisers.

What we do see are dual disc brakes at the front, a thick set of telescoping forks, polished covers, gorgeous dual exhaust, a shaft drive, luggage options, a two-up seating arrangement, and in a few instances what appears to be the shape of a tall windscreen under the tarp. The main frame architecture looks to be similar to that used on the R18 as does the nostalgic teardrop tank.

There’s a lot to be excited about if you’re wanting the comfort of a cruiser and the curb appeal of a machine replete with heritage styling. But will it be enough to steal some market share from the likes of Harley-Davidson and Indian? Only time will tell.