2020 Honda Scooters First Look

Take on the urban roads with any of these 2020 Honda scooters.

For 2020, you can tackle your around-town jaunt aboard any of the scooters from Honda including the Ruckus, Metropolitan, and PCX150. The convenience of the automatic transmission on these scooters makes for an easy twist-and-go option for your errand run. Storage options on the Metropolitan or PCX150 will make transporting items more convenient as well. Keep reading for pricing and availability of Honda's scooter line.

2020 Honda Ruckus

The Honda Ruckus will be available in February.Courtesy of Honda
The white-framed Ruckus comes with a red seat for a nice pop of color.Courtesy of Honda

There’s no mistaking a Ruckus on the road with its exposed frame and dual round headlights. Honda’s Ruckus returns for 2020 in black and white/red and will be available in February at an MSRP of $2,749. The one-speed V-Matic automatic transmission makes it more convenient for beginner riders on the move, because there is no clutch or any shifting involved, not even going into park or neutral. Easily get the scooter running with the electric start, and for cold-weather starts an electric choke is there to assist.

Left: The automatic transmission will make travel around town easy. Just twist the throttle and go. Right: The Ruckus continues to have its classic dual round headlights light the way.Courtesy of Honda
Left: MSRP for the Ruckus is $2,749. Right: An electric choke can come in handy for cold starts.Courtesy of Honda

2020 Honda Metropolitan Scooter

The Metropolitan scooter comes in Coastal Blue (shown) and Pearl Soft Beige.Courtesy of Honda
The V-Matic automatic transmission of the Metropolitan makes it a simple choice for a ride across town.Courtesy of Honda

Styled with rounded bodywork, the Honda Metropolitan is another scooter option from the 2020 lineup. Storage compartments are located in the dash and under the seat, and if you have an additional bag or purse with you there is a convenient hook to keep that tote close at hand. The Metropolitan is priced at a competitive $2,499 and will be available in either Coastal Blue or Pearl Soft Beige. Keep an eye out for the Metropolitan come March 2020.

2020 Honda PCX150

The 2020 Honda PCX150 will be available in Candy Luster Red.Courtesy of Honda
The PCX150 makes staying connected a little easier with its smartphone-ready auxiliary power.Courtesy of Honda

For 2020, the Honda PCX150 is available in Candy Luster Red at an MSRP of $3,699, and $3,999 for the ABS-equipped option. Running errands aboard this 149cc scooter is convenient with the under-seat storage that can hold up to 28 liters’ worth of groceries, to-go boxes, or whatever other goodies you are transporting. When you are making the dash from store to store, a sidestand and centerstand make parking more convenient with the two stand options. Helping keep your electronic devices charged is a smartphone-ready 12-volt adaptor. The PCX150 will be scooting to dealerships in March 2020.

The LCD dash of the PCX150 is easy to read.Courtesy of Honda
The twin shocks allow for 3.3 inches of travel.Courtesy of Honda