WP Pro Components Suspension Brings Championship-Winning Tech To The Masses

Competition-level off-road suspension

New WP Pro Components bring competition-level suspension to the masses.KTM

WP Suspension has new fork and shock options for off-road riders looking for a competitive edge. WP Pro Components will be available starting mid-May 2019 and the first wave of products include three fork setups and two shocks.

Left: The Xact Pro 7448 Air Fork promises a broad range of adjustability. Right: Cone Valve tech provides better damping resistance than ever on the Xact Pro 7548.KTM

The WP Xact Pro 7548 and WP Xplor Pro 7548 forks are equipped with Cone Valve technology derived from the factory racing division, providing superior damping characteristics for any type of terrain. They also offer more stroke and top-spec material construction aimed to greatly improve bottoming resistance.

WP Xplor Pro 7548KTM

There’s also the WP Xact Pro 7448 Air Fork, which also comes with Cone Valve technology along with the AER spring system. The Xact Air Fork provides a 2.2-pound weight savings. The Air Fork system pairs the Cone Valve damping leg with the AER spring leg and provides nearly unlimited configuration setups.

Left: WP Xact Pro 8950 Right: WP Xplor Pro 8950KTM

For the back end, there are the new Xact Pro 8950 shock and Xplor Pro 8950 shock. Each of these shocks comes with the WP-developed Supertrax system, which allows adjustment to high- and low-speed rebound damping via a TXN adjuster. WP promises this technology provides improved bottoming resistance, more reliable traction, and a smoother ride overall. There’s also a gear-driven preload adjuster made to allow for easy adjustment to your bike’s sag.

Pricing has yet to be announced for these new components, and when they are released later this month, they’ll be available through any WP Suspension authorized center.

Be ready for any terrain.KTM
The TXN adjuster allows you to refine high- and low-speed damping.KTM