Testing The Rev'It Orlando H2O Riding Jeans

Looks like jeans, rides like rain gear

Rev’It Orlando H20  Ladies Riding Jeans
Rev’It Orlando H20 Ladies Riding JeansJeff Allen

Rev'it claims the poly-cotton stretch denim of its Orlando H20 Ladies Jeans is 100-percent waterproof. The assertion is holding up: Light showers haven't penetrated the Orlando's laminated denim, and a mesh liner has kept the inside of the jeans from sticking to my skin. Together, they're traits that make the Orlando jeans a viable alternative to packing rain gear on short rides. Flexible CE-rated Seesmart armor at the knees contours well too. No more feeling like I'm suited up for battle. Only the tiniest of the Orlando's five pockets is fitted with a water-repellent zipper—but considering how snugly these jeans fit me, I wasn't worried about water sneaking into the other pockets.

Which brings up the fit. The Orlandos didn’t accommodate my curves very well. Ordering my typical jean size resulted in a snug fit in the hips and thighs but left a gap at the waist. That’s without optional hip pads; they wouldn’t have fit. A mid-rise waistband is all well and good when walking around, but when it came time to sit on a bike, the only thing keeping my butt cleavage from seeing the light of day was a riding jacket and a long base-layer shirt tucked into my pants. Crack kills, people!

At $300 (not including the cost of a belt) they’re near the high end of the price range. But if you’re a little less curvy and the Orlando’s keep you from buying rain overpants, they might well be worth the coin.


Grade: B+
Summary: Waterproofness and functionality are both proven, but fit needs to be fine-tuned for women's curves.
Price: $299.99