Triumph Motorcycles Aims for Kids Market 2022

Ahead of future dirt bike plans, Triumph Motorcycles bets on kids’ ebikes.

The Oset 12.5R electric motorcycle, good for ages 3–5, officially.Oset

Triumph is betting big on the idea that you never forget your first.

Triumph Motorcycles has announced its acquisition of children’s electric bike maker Oset, a move that points to potential future developments in terms of off-road machines and the youth rider segment. Triumph hopes to snag the imaginations of young riders before they grow their first terrible mustaches or encounter outdated gender biases about riding.

Ian Smith started Oset in 2004 because he wanted to build an electric off-road bike for his son Oliver. In the past 18 years, the company has sold more than 40,000 bikes. Going beyond the simple children’s ebikes sold by Harley-Davidson or Indian, Oset’s offerings are specialized by age and even discipline; five of its seven models are trials bikes. The general off-road Oset MX-10 model is designed for 4-to-7-year-olds, while models like the Oset 24.0R is claimed as appropriate for ages 9 to adult. Pitbike enthusiasts, take note.

This comes on the heels of Triumph’s July 2021 announcement of a motocross and enduro model, to be developed with motocross and enduro legends Ricky Carmichael and Iván Cervantes. Details have been sparse, but it’s not hard to connect the above announcement to Triumph’s future dirt plans. The company is smart to want in on the early brand loyalty game. If you’d started driving cars at 3, your automotive love might look very different today.

Assume that stylishly branded children’s apparel will eventually be part of this package. Stay tuned, kids.

Better put GPS on that bike. A 24V 600W motor is governed by a “2 dial” system for speed and response.Oset
A young lady rider poses with her Oset 12.5R (safety tutu not included with bike).Oset
Raising them right: A young woman rider earns her stripes (and splats).Oset