Complete Routine Work With These Analog Tire Pressure Gauges

No pressure, but you should always have a tire pressure gauge handy.

Checking your tire pressure is a simple and necessary maintenance task.Milan Degraeve

Checking tire pressure and properly inflating a motorcycle tire is one of the easiest forms of maintenance. Plug the gauge chuck on the valve stem and confirm the pressure matches the specification called for in the owner’s manual. Inflate the tire air as needed. Since manuals often recommend checking tire pressure before every ride, a good tire pressure gauge is important to keep close. Brands like Vondior, Rhino, Summit Tools, and many others supply analog tire pressure gauges that help get this simple but necessary task done. Their heavy-duty designs, easy-to-read displays, and pressure-release features make them staples for the garage.

Vondior Tire Pressure Gauge

A rubber shield protects the Vondior tire pressure gauge.Amazon

The analog tire pressure gauge from Vondior displays tire pressure accurately (+/- 1 percent) up to 60 psi. A release valve makes relieving some overinflated tire pressure easy while the 2-inch display is still in view. Further, the hand and numbers glow in the dark so if you are burning the midnight maintenance oil, then the reading will be seen regardless of the amount of garage lighting. The swiveling valve connector is also a convenient feature since it allows you to read the display from multiple angles.

Rhino USA Heavy-Duty Tire Pressure Gauge

Features include a braided air hose and brass hardware, pressure lock/reset button, grip cover, and 2-inch glow-in-the-dark dial.Amazon

In case you have a long or tight reach to the valve stem, the Rhino USA tire pressure gauge has a braided air hose instead of the attached-chuck design of the other tools in this list. The 45-degree chuck with 360 degrees of swivel action further allow this gauge to adapt to whichever angle is needed for the job. It measures up to 75 psi with the glow-in-the-dark 2-inch display.

Summit Tools Tire Pressure Gauge

The Summit Tools gauge is made of a brass body with rubber armor for drop and impact resistance.Amazon

This 60 psi gauge from Summit Tools is another attached-chuck design option for your garage. Although this device’s readings are accurate up to +/- 2 percent, which is less than the Vondior, it can be read easily with the glow-in-the-dark dial and 360-degree swivel capability. If overinflation occurs, the air bleeder button allows you to reduce pressure.