2012 Ural Yamal Sidecar Rig | First Look

Ural sidecars have that "press on regardless" look that says this is a rig that'll get you where you're going, come hell or high water. In case the high-water part becomes an obstacle, the 2012 Yamal Limited Edition comes equipped with an oar.

The Yamal ("End of the Land") is named after the Russian Arktika-class nuclear-powered icebreaker NS Yamal. Although the ship's three-wheeled namesake is designed for less hostile climates, its knobby tires, on-demand two-wheel-drive, and dual sidecar-mounted fog lights will help get you through a dark and snowy night. In case you get stuck, the flat-orange powdercoat paint job makes it easier for search and rescue to find you.

The icebreaker Yamal has a double hull to effortlessly shoulder aside massive blocks of ice. The Ural Yamal has a sort of double hull of its own in the form of a 3M coating that weatherproofs the underside of the sidecar body and the fenders.

It's worth noting that no part of the Yamal is intended to be used as a floatation device, never mind the entire rig, so the oar's sole function is to prove that Russians really do have a sense of humor. And if the oar isn't proof enough, check out the teeth on the sidecar tub. Like the oar, they're standard equipment.

The Ural Yamal has an MSRP of $14,250, and just 50 will be made for the U.S. market.