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A light, comfortable, highly breathable glove with excellent protection.

Racer Mickey Glove©Motorcyclist

I prefer the safety of long-gauntlet gloves, but for convenience and comfort, especially in hot weather, "shorty" gloves are hard to beat. And as far as protection goes, the Mickey gloves from Racer are pretty comprehensive.

Protection starts with the chassis, which is a complex patchwork of textiles (stretchy stuff and mesh), leather (natural and synthetic), and armor. The combination of materials keeps the gloves very light and breathable, while likely impact and abrasion areas are thoroughly shielded. The outside edge of the pinky fingers is covered in double-thick leather, as are the heels of the palms, which also feature robust “Super-Fabric” sliders. The same hard material covers the knuckles, and there are small leather pads extending down the finger joints. I haven’t crashed in my Mickeys, but I’m confident they will do their job if I do.

The fit of the Mickeys is snug and superb, and I love the control feel offered by the thin synthetic-leather palms. I’m also very fond of the cuff design; they’re all leather with over-the-top closure, and they’re just long enough to slip under the cuffs of my jacket so there’s no exposed skin while I’m riding. After a year of regular use, the little silicone diamonds on the underside of the fingers have peeled off, but all the seams are still sound, the palms haven’t worn thin, and the Velcro wrist straps are still tenacious.

I’ve worn the Mickeys while commuting, touring, and dual-sport riding. They’re incredibly comfortable and very versatile. The only drawback is the price, but considering the quality, fit, and features, it’s well worth it. Oh, and free shipping helps.


PRICE: $116
CONTACT: racerglovesusa.com


Verdict: Light, comfortable, highly breathable, with excellent protection. Great summer gloves.