Motorcycle Gear And Accessories Seen At AIMExpo 2019

We roam the booths at AIMExpo, here’s what caught our eye.

AIMExpo 2019 is bringing together so many different motorcycle industry exhibitors under one roof (and outside) of the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, from September 26–29, 2019. With so many manufacturers, aftermarket companies, and gear companies the amount of products and services are abundant. Here are just a few that caught our eye while we roamed the convention center floor.

Industrial Moto G.U.S.

Industrial Moto G.U.S.Serena Bleeker

Situated in the Kenda booth this tiny, but mighty Grom was on display with a sidecar attachment full of camping equipment. Industrial Moto partnered with Kenda for this Grom Utility Sidecar on display. You can see Kenda's Big Block tire affixed, ready to take on the gravel roads to the campsite. The company is based out of Virginia and not only makes sidecar attachments for Honda Groms, but for Honda Monkeys and Kawasaki Z125s as well. Click here for more information. Looking for even more mods of the Grom? Check out this list of top performance mods for the minibike.

RAM Mount Quick Grip

RAM mount
RAM Mount Quick GripSerena Bleeker

Smartphones seem to be getting larger, and in order to accommodate them RAM Mounts is offering the Quick Grip as the solution. The RAM Mount Quick Grip cradle shown here is designed to fit larger phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for example. Like RAM Mounts' other products, the Quick Grip system is modular, allowing you to attach it to your bike with the different bases or cradles, so prices do vary.

Atlas Throttle Lock

Throttle Lock
Atlas Throttle LockSerena Bleeker

Described as a “mechanical” cruise control by the folks at the booth, this Atlas Throttle Lock gives you the chance to hold your throttle position with the touch of a button. While at first I questioned the safety of the device, they did say that the throttle can be twisted while the lock is engaged, and there’s a button to disengage the device. On the throttle grip demo the device did not take much grip space. The device comes in either polished chrome ($145) or black ($135). Also, they informed me they’ll be launching in summer of 2020 a “Safe Brake” system, which is a new electronic disengage for the Throttle Lock which will turn off the Throttle Lock with input from the clutch, front brake, or rear brake.

Click 'N' Ride Quick-Release Motorcycle Turn Signals

Motorcycle Turn Signals
Click ’N’ Ride Quick-Release Motorcycle Turn SignalsSerena Bleeker

Applicable for many uses such as on dual sports or trackday bikes, the Quick-Release Motorcycle Turn Signals from Click ’N’ Ride allow you to easily remove its turn indicators from your motorcycle in off-road applications or trackday situations. To attach the LED turn signals all you need are a couple of holes on your tailsection (like the display here) to screw on and mount the system, and wire it in. The LED turn signals are plugged in like a guitar amp connector and locked into place with a rubber stopper that also serves as the protective plug when the turn signal is removed. The kit retails for $79.95.

Rigg Gear Adventure Trails End Tail Bag and Trails End Dual Sport/Enduro Tail Bag

End Tail Bag
Rigg Gear Adventure Trails End Tail Bag and Trails End Dual Sport/Enduro Tail BagSerena Bleeker

The larger Trails End Adventure Tail Bag (left) and the smaller Trails End Dual Sport/Enduro Tail Bag (right) from Rigg Gear Adventure are new for 2020. The larger of the two (17.6 liters non-expanded) is expandable to 27.7 liters and can fit a full-face helmet. The smaller Dual Sport/Enduro bag has a capacity of 6.5 liters and expands to 11 liters. Both have a lifetime warranty and feature UltraMax fabric for UV protection and water-resistant lockable zippers. MOLLE panels on the lid allow you to attach items to the top, such as the Trails End Fuel Bottle Holder (sold separately). Are you ready for your next adventure? MSRP for the Adventure Tail Bag is $149.95 and the Dual Sport/Enduro Tail Bag runs $119.95.

Nelson-Rigg Rover Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier
Nelson-Rigg Rover Pet CarrierSerena Bleeker

If your pooch is coming along for the ride, Nelson-Rigg has the Rover Pet Carrier for your consideration. It is designed for pets up to 20 pounds and mounts to tourer trunk racks. The rigid construction and solid base panels contribute to a sturdy structure while small, permanently open side mesh vents allow for some airflow. There are also side panels that unzip for maximum airflow and a front panel that opens a “front porch” for extra space for Spike when you both get off the bike. The second zipper for this front panel can open the section completely. An adjustable leash allows for your pet to move freely, and the padded base can provide comfort and is removable for easy cleaning. Reflective piping can be seen on the outside for added visibility. This also has a lifetime warranty. MSRP is $229.95.

Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner

Jacket Liner
Gerbing Heated Jacket LinerSerena Bleeker

The Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner keeps you warm with its heated zones across the back, chest, arms, and around the neck, evenly distributing heat when temperatures lower. It is thin enough to fit close to the body and allow you to still don your outerwear/riding gear. The mini-ripstop outer shell and taffeta lining resists rips and tears. To power the gear, connect it to your 12-volt battery. Sizing ranges from small to 3XL and is available in black. MSRP for the heated jacket liner is $249.99. Note that all Gerbing installations require a battery harness ($11.99) and temperature controller ($69.99) for operation (sold separately). Want extra warmth? Gerbing pant liners and gloves are also available.

Cardo Packtalk Slim

Communication for motorcyclists
Cardo Packtalk SlimSerena Bleeker

Need to communicate with friends on your ride? This communication device from Cardo attaches to your motorcycle helmet and allows that conversation you had over coffee to continue as you head to your next location. Like the other Cardo Packtalk systems the 2019 Slim is equipped with JBL speakers to provide crisp, clear sound.