Biker wearing Arai Ram-X helmet while riding.
The Arai Ram-X is all about aerodynamic efficiency.Arai

Arai has announced an innovative new open-face helmet in the Ram-X. It's made to be ultra light, highly protective, and comfortable, becoming the most sophisticated open-face helmet from Arai to date.

The Pro Shade visor
The Pro Shade visor can be worn up or down.Arai

The Japanese brand took cues from some of its top-of-the-line helmets to devise the Ram-X. Its ventilation diffusers are borrowed from the Corsair-X, providing heightened airflow through the intake vents and channels. Arai changed the aero stabilizer design to optimize stabilizing performance on the new lid.

Venting design on the crown
Venting design on the crown comes from the Corsair-X.Arai

The shell of the Ram-X is based on the construction of the Quantum-X and Signet-X. It’s made from a PB-cLc2 material (which stands for peripherally belted complex laminate construction square). It’s a technique that was created in-house by Arai and which makes use of a number of different impact-resistant materials.

Ventilation system demonstrated on helmet.
Airflow is maximized with a sophisticated ventilation system.Arai

The shell also makes use of the newly designed Z-Compound resin, which provides better adhesion between layers while allowing engineers to use less resin than before. That results in a lighter-weight lid that is both DOT and Snell approved. There’s no specific weight number listed by Arai however.

Arai Ram-X shell shape
The shell shape is derived from the Quantum-X and Signet-X.Arai

There are four shell sizes used to construct the XS–XXL size run for the Ram-X, improving the accuracy of the fit. Arai has given the Ram-X an intermediate oval shape in an effort to make the helmet comfortable for a wide range of riders.

Each shell size comes with its own multi-density EPS liner and comfort padding.

Strong shell and new resin on the Arai Ram-X Open-Face Helmet.
A strong shell and new resin compound make the Ram-X lightweight and protective.Arai

Riders can choose to ride with the Pro Shade System up and utilize the shade as a peak, or ride with it down to reduce the amount of light entering the helmet. A newly developed VAS-Z shield system provides a lower pivot point which allowed engineers to create a smoother design in the temple area. All of these elements were also designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind, with the aim of creating a helmet that cuts through air as best as possible.

The shield is Pinlock ready also. There are a number of color options available, and the Ram-X starts at $679.95.

VAS-Z shield system
The VAS-Z shield system comes with a lower pivot point for a more comfortable temple area.Arai
Ram-X plush interior.
The Ram-X comes with a plush interior.Arai