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Photography by Ari Henning, Matthew Fehrmann, Matt Murphy, Joe Neric


Wrist: Zack Courts
MSRP (2013): $19,995
Miles: 2,022 (new bike)
MPG: 39
Mods: CalSci windscreen, Rizoma license plate mount and turn signals

My last update might have seemed like it glossed over a pretty significant event in my time with the Multi, but I promise I gave all of the pertinent details. I knew I could count on a number of you loyal readers telling me what an unsafe, inept idiot I am. With any luck, some day I'll be old and wise too, and I can shake my finger at young bucks making mistakes and pretend I never did. Cook says it's a lot of fun. In the meantime, I'll nurse my pride (and my smashed testicles) and try to feel better. And luckily I have reason to. By the good grace of Ducati almighty, I have been granted a second chance, in the form of a replacement Multistrada. And this time I'm wasting no time getting down to business. I promised to test this thing—thoroughly!

So in the interest of "sporting" the Multi up a bit for an upcoming trackday, I decided to experiment with the windshield by reducing it. CalSci was kind enough to send me one of its Tinted Shorty examples (; $125), which popped on to our bike—four easy hex bolts—in less time than it takes to say "California Scientific."

Foremost, I think the short, dark smoke screen makes the bike look almost streetfighter tough. I do wish it had a little bit more dynamic shape to match the Multi's swoopy curves, but I guess that's where the "Sci" comes in. Out on the road, the Tinted Shorty works well, taking most of the wind off my torso and shoulders in the raised position with minimal buffeting. Leaving it low around town is nice here in Southern California, as even fall temperatures are often near triple digits. I'm interested to see how it reacts at high speeds when I hit the track. More on that next month.

Next up was solving the flappy-blinker issue. I took the coward's way out (I didn't know there was another way, I swear) and ordered up a License Plate Support from Rizoma (; $245) and a set of the Graffio Marker Light blinkers (; $120). I say the coward's way because I received a slew of letters from readers with DIY fixes that they claim solved the problem. I'm feeling guilty about pulling the trigger so quickly on the catalog, but I have to say I think the Rizoma kit looks really sharp. And because it's made mostly from anodized aluminum instead of flexible plastic like the stock stuff, the flapping is gone. If I have time before the Multi goes back, I'd like to try the readers' suggestions for carefully placed washers. Thanks for that, guys.

Issues that still need resolving are storage (still hoping to try a standard Ducati top trunk) and the annoying centerstand tab that competes for space with my left heel. Some of the same helpful readers relayed tales of triumph regarding the Tab of Annoyance, so my confidence is up. The centerstand has to come off for the aforementioned trackday, so we'll size it up and see if we can't fix that.

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If you want to tryout a modded centerstand let me know.

I shortened mine but I don't use it so it is just sitting on the floor of my garage.

I can ship it out to you and if you like it just keep it and send me yours.


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