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Because Duct Tape And Zip Ties Can't Fix Everything

By Ari Henning, Photography by John Zamora, Davio Curio, Drew Ruiz

Piloting a motorcycle at speed requires a tremendous amount of mental focus and physical exertion. Proper preparation, protection and recuperation of your body after an intense ride or race are critical to your overall health and wellness. Below is a collection of items from the Motorcyclist medicine cabinet that will help you get the most from your next ride.

Moto Cloth
Next to a cold beer, a cool shower is the most desirable commodity after a hard day's ride. When that's not an option, reach into your tank bag or jacket pocket for a Moto Cloth. These pre-moistened cotton towels are infused with soothing lemongrass oil and a mild antimicrobial to quell the funk. It's the perfect way to refresh after a strenuous ride, and the 100-percent cotton cloth makes a great shop rag once you're done swabbing. Individually wrapped for grab-and-go convenience, Moto Cloths are available in packs of 10 for $8.80, including shipping.

Race weekends and track days demand physical strength and stamina, and we're sorry to report that Budweiser and Domino's aren't a legitimate nutritional support plan. The balanced blend of complex carbohydrates, electrolytes and antioxidants in Cytomax powder provides your red-lining body with exactly what it needs in order to perform its best during extended periods of exertion--like the last few laps of a race. Cytomax Cool Citrus, Cranberry Grapefruit and Orange mix easily with water and contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Pick up a 4.5-lb. season's supply for $39.99.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder
If you've ever suffered from soreness, itching or redness of the rump after a long day in the saddle, then you've experienced the unpleasant condition known as Monkey Butt.Anti Monkey Butt Powder is just what you need to avoid said symptoms. A combination of ingredients helps absorb excess sweat and reduces friction between your skin and clothes, letting you enjoy your favorite activity without irritation. Priced at $5.95, Monkey Butt Powder comes in a 6-oz. bottle for easy application--just dust your seat and you're good to go.

Aerostich Sportrider First Aid Kit
According to the American Motorcyclist Association, the most common injuries sustained by bikers are road rash, exhaust pipe burns and eye injuries. Are you prepared? Aero-stich's $42 Sportrider First Aid Kit has a broad selection of supplies to help you deal with roadside emergencies, all wrapped up in a convenient pouch that's compact enough to squeeze into the smallest tank bag cranny. The 35-item kit includes vitals like antiseptics and gauze for dressing road rash as well as many other useful provisions.

Moto 911
Finally, an FDA-registered medication just for motorcyclists! Moto911 is a fast-acting spray that offers relief from sore muscles, sprains, aching joints and bruises. Spray it on the affected area and the all-natural, non-steroidal formula of Arnica, Boswella, Menthos, Peppermint oil and other natural ingredients reduces inflammation and improves blood flow. The no-rub formula penetrates the skin and absorbs quickly, and the cooling, soothing action lasts up to eight hours with no harmful side effects. A pocket-sized 1-oz. bottle sells for $6.95, and is excellent for treating minor aches and pains on the road, but thrashers and frequent crashers will want to pick up the 4-oz. bottle for $19.95.

Phiten Racing Titanium
Titanium is a coveted material for bike components, but is it good for your body? Yamaha thinks so, and has teamed up with Phiten to offer the Phiten Racing series of titanium-based products. How does it work? Check this out: "The secret Phild Process bonds titanium to water molecules, and this Aqua-Titanium permeates every fiber of the Phiten products to help stabilize the flow of bio-electricity in the wearer's body." Better balance, flexibility and focus? You be the judge. Get your daily dose of Ti with the self-adhesive Racing Tape ($15 for a 30-pack) or the Racing Bracelet for $22.

A longtime favorite with triathletes, cyclists and runners, GU is equally appropriate for motorcycling. Carried in your pocket or tank bag, each convenient little pouch delivers a carefully engineered dose of high-quality, long-lasting, easily digestible energy. The 100-calorie packet is a powerhouse of carbohydrates, the main source of energy for your body during exercise. With flavors like Vanilla Bean, Lemon Sublime and Chocolate Outrage, GU offers a tasty and efficient source of energy for track day junkies, racers and long-distance riders. Some flavors even contain caffeine for an extra kick. Pick up a six-pack for $7.50.

H2O Overdrive
Most sports drinks contain water, a few basic electrolytes and a boatload of sugar and flavoring. H2O Overdrive's comprehensive and nutritionally balanced recipe goes above and beyond the typical sports beverage, and only has 3 grams of the sweet stuff. H2O Overdrive contains a precise ratio of carbohydrates, protein, essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other vital nutrients formulated to sustain energy and drive hydration at the cellular level--perfect after an intense riding session. Each ingredient has a particular purpose and is intended to target a specific physiological response. Shift into overdrive with a 20-oz. bottle of Lemon Rush, Tangerine Freeze or Jostaberry for just $3.29.

Blood, Sweat & 2nd Gear
Hmmm ... head to the emergency room or wait and see if the swelling goes down? Blood, Sweat & 2nd Gear is aimed directly at the health issues and injuries we're likely to encounter as motorcyclists, such as road rash, hypothermia, foot rot and, yes, even the dreaded monkey butt. Written by Flash Gordon, M.D., the book dispenses practical medical advice with a sizable helping of dry humor. A doctor who also rides motorcycles, Gordon combines knowledge gained from years of medical practice with the straightforward, no-nonsense style of a veteran motorcyclist. Pick up a copy today for $19.95

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