Zone Performance Wear 'Long-Ride' Shorts

Going for a long ride? Improve your comfort with Zone Long-Ride shorts.

Finally! Comfort for the long ride. Designed by a motorcycle rider for motorcycles riders, the shorts are made to be worn under leathers or jeans. Not to be confused with bicycle shorts, they are constructed from a cooler and softer, high-tech, breathable, fully-vented, moisture-wicking material. They provide cool comfort and reduce fatigue while riding your bike. The shorts also feature a proprietary multi-density padding specifically designed and positioned for motorcycle riding. Simply wash with soap or shampoo and hang to air dry - Perfect for cleaning on the go! Both Men's and Women's designs are available and sell for $44.95.
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Tips and Information

Wearing the shorts: Long-Ride shorts are made for sitting on the seat of a motorcycle, not for hiking. The inner pad gets more comfortable and compliant as it warms up. It is made to work excellent on a motorcycle.

Drying: Depending on the climate, how well you wring out the water, and where you hang the shorts, they may not dry completely. It is always a good idea to start out with dry shorts. You may consider purchasing two pair of shorts if you plan to be riding in a humid environment.

Washing and Drying: The shorts can be washed in a washing machine on the gentle cycle and they will survive the dryer on a cooler setting but a hot dryer will decrease the life span of the inner pad and is NOT covered by warranty. Washing in a sink on the road with shampoo and hanging to dry is very effective. Just make sure that you rinse ALL of the soap out of the shorts.

Features and Benefits:
. The shorts provide comfort while minimizing fatigue
. Soft, breathable, fully-vented, moisture-wicking construction
. 100% Synthetic material dries quickly
. Completely hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial materials
. Proprietary multi-density CoolMax® padding positioned, as well as designed specifically for motorcycle riders
. Quick wash and dry - simply rinse with soap or shampoo and water, then hang up to dry (perfect for cleaning on the go).

Zone Performance Wear
6814 Newberry Street, San Diego, CA 92120
phone 619.944.4769