Yamaha FZ-07R Video Walkaround

FZ-07 as an SV650 Killer at the Racetrack?

Even as popular as the standard Yamaha FZ-07 has become, there's not much chance you've seen an FZ-07R in the wild, unless you frequent club races. This bike is a far cry from the showroom model, and yet it shares a lot of DNA.

The 689cc parallel twin in largely unchanged, with a $300 airbox removal kit, a flashed ECU, and a Yoshimura pipe. All of that equals a little under 80 horsepower at the rear wheel. It’s more what’s NOT there that’s impressive. This R model rocks custom bodywork, a linkage for the K-tech shock, and an R6 fork bolted to the front. Even with all of that, shedding lights, blinkers, and myriad other parts means this FZ-07R weighs about 50 pounds less than stock.

As FZ-07s cycle through the market and used ones become more widely available, we will almost certainly see more of them racing. As mentioned in the video, for more information on the AP Moto Arts FZ-07R project and kits, check out fz07r.com and stay tuned for the full story.

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