Wine & Trust Exclusive Limited Edition for MV Agusta

The first presentation case expected release is in January 2012.

In collaboration with three prestigious Châteaux Bordelais Wine & Trust SA has chosen:

Château Tertre Roteboeuf 2008 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru
Francis Mitjavileis an independent artist of wine, a lover of life and an excellent "conductor" knowing showcase each notes that will create the emotion. They are leather, chocolate, truffles, wild strawberry ... The style of wine that you never forget the name! Very demanding, François Mitjavile, also owns the "unimaginable" Roc de Cambes.

He is an artist who keeps everything under control. He composed for ever from his hillside in Saint-Emilion. It is to Time he delivers his work sometimes portrayed, often revered, so he offers this beautiful sunset that is so dear to hiself. That appetite the keyword of this philosopher of wine enjoyment.

TERTRE ROTEBOEUF became a legend, a cult wine, also sought as a Pétrus, La Fleur, Le Pin, RomanéeConti or Montrachet.In the middle 80, Francois Mitjavillehas become one of the pioneers of the revival of the wines of St. Emilion. He is now considered as one of the greatest connoisseur winemakers.

His vineyards and wines attract the attention of fans around the world. An average of 20’000 bottles produced per year and only 8000 in 2003 ... Strong advocate of quality at all costs, François Mitjavilepractices a drastic selection to always produce in regularity great wine.

Roteboeufmound is one of Bordeaux's most luxurious and most sensual: Bouquet of smoked herbs, black cherry, chocolate, coffee, an exceptional concentration, purity, exquisite, fabulous wine, worthy of the greatest (you can think of these great vintages of Petrus), sometimes surpassing in the blind tasting.

Château Roc de Cambes 2006 Côtes de Bourg
CHATEAU ROC DE CAMBES owned by Francis and Emilie Mitjavileis certainly the most popular wine of the Cotes de Bourg and one of the most desirable wine of all Bordeaux. It is sufficient to taste it once to remember it all the life because like its "elder" of Saint-Emilion(Tertre Roteboeuf) Roc de Cambesis a unique model in its name, excellent smoothness, complexity, maturity and flavor…

Once again its style almost "Burgundy“ its elegance and sophistication will appeal to many enthusiasts.

Contrary to what some might think Roc de Cambesdoes not falls in line with modern wines currently much in vogue.

Instead it displays a regular style of its own and stays. Its style is so far unmatched. Like Roteboeuf Tertre, Roc de Cambes challenges the greatest to the blind without any complex.

Always irresistible in its youth because of its lavish wealth, it also has a great potential.

Unfortunately, Roc de Cambes since 2006 is part of the circle of highly sought after cult wines with the inevitable financial consequences.

Château Lascombes 2009 2ème Grand Cru Classé Margaux
It was up, now at the top, even if the Second Cru Classé Margaux can go even higher.

For now, 2009 sublime perfume offers crushed black fruit, truffle, vanilla, coffee and fresh herbs. The seduction does not stop there: the palace Lascombes2009 unfolds with a burst very pure freshness due to persistence and a suave mineral quality that elevates his material and extends the smooth flavor of this generous wine and structured very long seconds.

The RENAISSANCE of Château Lascombessince taking over in 2001 by the group Colony Capital.

The result is not expected, a successful challenge in the shortest time as currently believed that rose to the top. A reference to its name, doing ample justice to its rank of second classified growth in 1855, Château Lascombeshas regained its old world-renowned, thanks to the energy and expertise to its new team that has respect traditional values, accommodating new techniques with new equipment. It is a reference type name because its focus and its wood are in perfect balance with the elegance and finesse you would expect from a Margaux.

The presentation case
1'000 unique wood custom presentation cases made for the occasion.

Included in the presentation case:
-1 bottle of Château Tertre Roteboeuf Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2008
-2 bottles of Château Lascombes 2ème Grand Cru Classé Margaux 2009
-2 bottles of Château Roc de Cambes Côtes de Bourg 2008
-1 silk-screened numbered carafe designed MV Agusta
-1 dedicating surprise and many other surprises.
-1 engraved and numbered plate for drawing lots.
-1 of 250 chance to win one of the MV Agusta'smotorcycle
Price of the case 1'312 Euros.

The pitcher, plate and all the bottles will be numbered with a serial number of limited choice in the purchase of the case.
The bottles will also include a label telling part of the history of MV Agusta.
The plate will be your proof of purchase in the draw lots.
-Out of the case in January 2012
-Sales on a subscription only from June 2011.
The payment confirmation number by bank transfer or credit card.
-After payment you will receive a receipt for the case.
Beware any reservation.
-You will receive an engraved plaque with your number by mail.
It will be your proof for the draw lots at the Milan Furniture Fair.
-The buyer may choose his number if it is still free.
-After the sale of the 1'000 cases (Summer 2011) a random draw will be taken (lottery) during the ceremony of the EICMA Milan show 2011:

4 numbers between 1 and 1,000 will be drawn:
2 numbers will each win a MV Agusta F3.
1 number will win a F3 ORO limited edition.
1 number will win a F4 1000 RR.

The sale of the cases will help drivers or teams to be able to satisfy their passions and run with MV Agusta.

Indeed, Wine & Trust SA will donate a sum of the cases of 70’000 Euros (January-February 2012) to sponsor many teams and drivers in one or more disciplines in the world but only with MV Agusta Motorcycles.

Only Wine & Trust SA will decide the drivers or team(s) upon receipt of files to be sent by mail to Wine & Trust before the end of 2011.

These presentation cases will become collector's items on the day of discharge.

Wine & Trust SA will renew this initiative with MV Agusta each year with a new production of collection.

The case number 2 will be executed almost immediately after the first sale but will be available in January 2013 due to the purchase of wine. Il will also be a raffle and sponsorship for the following year.

The order of the case is only with WINE & TRUST SA:
Address: 23, Route des Jeunes 1227 Carouge/Geneva, Switzerland
tel.: +41 22 301 45 60 ; fax: +41 22 301 45 61
mail:; website: