Whatever Happened To: Suzuki SV650S | UP TO SPEED

One of our all-time favorites is alive and well and outselling many newer models in Europe.

Your eyes do not deceive you; that is the Suzuki SV650 of yesteryear, and it lives on! In snooping around on Suzuki's European websites we tripped over one of our all-time favorite bikes, still for sale on showroom floors in the United Kingdom. Our contacts in England say the SV is as attractive as ever and outselling many newer models.

Indeed, it sits alongside the often-criticized SFV650 “Gladius” in the UK, and not only that but the venerable SV-S is cheaper (with the exchange rate at press time the SV would be about $7,800 stateside). No word from Suzuki on why the SV650S hasn’t resurfaced here in the US, but would you buy or recommend one for $8,000? We sure would.