“Way Back When”

From the January 1937 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

1-1915-The fair one here poses with the latest. A big “X” with long footboards, no pedals, brakes, 2-speeds. The extra speed in this model warranted the band around the rider’s head. 2-1910-How did the machines get to the top of Sky Line Drive, just out of Canyon City, Colorado. Well, many a cycle was carried across the stream. 3-1913-A girl motordrome rider. They have been filling in with male riders of late. But you saw them in the early days, any place where county fairs flourished. 4-1913-The ladies in this photo give an idea of styles in clothes worn at that time while the Harley-Davidson single seems to demonstrate “ways of mounting Presto tanks.” 5-1911-Miss Inez Patterson of Hutchinson, Kans., was the original short grass girl and always headed a division of her own, composed mostly of women. They would make the present day boys envious with their riding on sand and rough roads. 6-1917-Going modern. Note the electric lights, big tires and the bikes had three speeds and got away from drip oiling. 7-192